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Express Drive is one of the technologly leading mobility- and logistic companies in Europe.
Express Drive offers a unique service using the most modern communication- and control systems.

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Managing Director: Dennis Rahm-Dresel

AG Mannheim HRB 202413
UST-ID: DE 814 133 943
TAX-No.: 33014/42286
Customs-No.: DE 738 27 74
Bank : Sparkasse Baden-Baden
IBAN Forwarding: DE21662500300050102128
IBAN Airport-, Coach Service: DE02662500300050102276


Express Drive GmbH
Immensteinstraße 4
77815 Bühl Eisental
Telefon 049 - (0)7223 - 9699-0
Fax ......049 - (0)7223 - 9699-30
eMail : airport@expressdrive.de

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All rights reserved.


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